Trending Florida Cuisine

Florida cuisine is considered among the most diverse and unique in the world thanks to its rich heritage of multicultural blending beginning when Ponce de León first arrived in 1513. Since then, the region has become a magnet for different cultures that have each added their own ingredients or cooking techniques to the ever-evolving fusion of food. Native American, Spanish and European, African, Caribbean, Asian and regional cuisines from across the United States all come together in delicious new ways. In fact, the phrase “Floribbean Cuisine” has become a recognized term to describe some of the dishes that have resulted from the migration of Asian workers adding their tastes to existing Caribbean styles by incorporating locally harvested exotic fruits and vegetables with seafood and spices like red curry, lemongrass, ginger and scallions. Diamond Resorts Reviews has taken a closer look at some of the developing trends in Florida’s dynamic food scene.

In Central Florida, barbecue is king. Nearly 90 new barbecue restaurants have opened in the state over the past two years* (Source:, with many of them striving to be the de facto definition of “Florida Barbecue.” This typically manifests as a blend of American South and Caribbean styles through the use of citrus woods for smoking, orange-based BBQ sauces and tropical juice marinades, but it also takes on a Cuban flair (a country well-known for its barbecue) with a marinating process that goes on for days. Dozens of barbecue competitions have sprung up in the past couple of years. Diamond Resorts Reviews suggests that visitors looking to take a BBQ tour in Central Florida consider a stay at Polynesian Isles resort. Located in Kissimmee, with easy access to all the major theme park attractions, the resort exudes a tropical splendor with spacious one- and two-bedroom villas surrounding a large swimming pool, spas, tennis and shuffleboard courts and putting greens. Of course, all villas feature a screened-in patio/balcony to enjoy the Florida sun.

Some of the newest emerging food crazes of the Miami food scene include a heavy focus on vegetables, especially those high in protein like cauliflower, which has become one of the most popular menu items. Fermented foods are also coming into the spotlight, not just things like cabbage and kimchi, but also pumpkins, cranberries, pomegranates and even grains. Guests at Crescent Resort on South Beach are well positioned to sample some of the newest dishes in Miami. Diamond Resorts Reviews recommends this stunning all-suite boutique hotel whose original 1930s Art Deco architecture continues to impress. The beautifully-decorated rooms include full kitchens, pull-out sofas, flat-screen TVs and stereos. The rooms seek pure indulgence with triple sheeting in the master bedrooms and a spa-like jetted bath with rainfall showerhead in the bathroom.